Heather B. Jackson


I am a storyteller that once, many years ago, picked up a camera. I was born and raised, fled and returned to live in Alabama for most of my life. I am educated in filmmaking from SUNY Purchase College. I have worked in feature filmmaking as a locations scout and manager.  I write fiction, nonfiction, poetry and screenplays. But most of the time I am either riding a horse or shooting photos of the world around me. (And frequently doing both at the same time.)

My art and photography is about light and environment and the people and animals trying to make their way in that environment. I spend a lot of time around children and seek to capture the fantasy children see in the everyday. I love to hear people's stories and points of view and I try to let what I hear drive my lens when I photograph people. I travel throughout the U.S. and love to photograph the food, drink, culture and architecture that makes each place unique.